Faced with intensified competition for businesses in the Unified Communications market as well as consumers, service providers are paying greater attention to Unified Communications and the effect on the end user experience. User experience drives loyalty, willingness to pay, and customer retention. Large Enterprises are also facing the same challenges in finding ways to simplify and consolidate their corporate communications across multiple locations while leveraging their current infrastructure. However, given the growing complexity and variety of communications options, business and consumer end users are increasingly frustrated and are searching for intelligent solutions that provide rich communications and broad functionality, while also being simple to understand and use.

GENBAND is a global leader in SMART EXPERIENCE™ solutions for mobile and fixed operators, enterprises, and other communications providers. GENBAND’s SMART OFFICE™, SMART HOME™, and SMART LIFE™ solutions provide comprehensive unified multimedia communications, mobility, conferencing and messaging for businesses and consumers. These solutions include fully integrated multimedia functionality that allows service providers and other communications providers to expand their offerings, reduce subscriber churn, create new sources of revenue, simplify communications, and provide a rich communications user experience.