Intra-Network Interconnect Solutions

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Network operators want to maximize profitability of their various network investments, but they are challenged by technology disparities in the multiple voice and multimedia networks that they own or operate. GENBAND’s SMART SESSION™ Intra-Network Interconnect Solutions bridge the technology divides in an operator’s diverse fixed, mobile, and IP networks, creating new value, service differentiation, and revenue growth.

As one of the world’s most successful leaders in making IP voice and multimedia solutions profitable for service providers, GENBAND has an exclusive portfolio of advanced software applications, control, and gateway technologies that enable any-to-any interconnection in some of the world’s largest operator multi-network implementations.  The Intra-Network Interconnect Solutions leverage GENBAND’s years of intelligent innovations to support the widest variety of signaling, media, and protocol types, allowing seamless interworking between any network – whether IP or TDM, fixed or mobile, legacy or next-generation. 

Intra-Network Interconnect Solutions are made possible by an integrated combination of GENBAND’s QUANTiX™ Session Border Controller and CONTiNUUM™ call session controllers and market-leading suite of media gateways. 


Intra-Network Interconnect Solutions provide these unparalleled advantages:

  • Any-to-any interworking of signaling and media protocols and platforms across the full spectrum of global IP, TDM, and wireline and wireless variants 

  • Comprehensive suite of media codecs and extensive transcoding capabilities

  • Flexible scale to support hundreds of thousands to millions of simultaneous sessions

  • Management tools to enhance performance, visibility, and profitability

  • Carrier grade performance and geo-redundancy

  • Market-proven, revenue-generating applications

  • Future-proof evolution for virtualized, cloud-based architectures

GENBAND is a global leader in smart networking solutions from the CORE to the EDGE to the EXPERIENCE.
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