The network edge has become the focal point for communications, the place where all traffic is exchanged between networks, the key point for substantial service and competitive differentiation, and also the location for the largest security threats. The edge exists at multiple points – between network operators and customer premises equipment, between peer networks, and within an operator’s multiple networks.

GENBAND is a global leader in providing SMART SESSION™ solutions for network operators. Our SIP Trunking Solution is a best-in-class, single vendor application for securing the interfaces between the core and enterprise networks, as well as for providing innovative, integrated Unified Communications services for businesses. Our IPX Solution helps wholesale operators deliver end-to-end secure and quality-backed VoIP, HD voice, video, IM, RCS-e and LTE roaming services to their customers. Our Peering and Intra-Network Interconnect Solutions utilize years of GENBAND’s intelligence in unifying and normalizing traffic so that communications can flow seamlessly between end points – whether TDM or IP, mobile or fixed, regional or global.

GENBAND’s SMART SESSION solutions simplify the complexities in unifying disparate communication islands, bringing a differentiated quality of experience to operators’ consumer and business customers.

GENBAND is a global leader in smart networking solutions from the CORE to the EDGE to the EXPERIENCE.
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