Network Transformation

Network Transformation
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GENBAND's SMART CORE™ Network Transformation solutions combine carrier-grade reliability, scale, energy efficiency and innovation together with market-proven network elements, business partners and global professional services to enable highly sustainable IP networks.

The power consumption and cooling costs of legacy TDM networks are skyrocketing. Costs are mounting against this aging infrastructure, which now causes an estimated 57 percent of network failures. In the US, more than 35,000 aging “central offices” power the PSTN. These legacy telecom centers house endless racks of equipment and aging switches that plow through 12 billion kWh (kilowatt) hours of power every year, which compares roughly to the power consumption of 1 million homes annually. The CO2 emissions produced equal those of more than two million cars. In fact, central offices, which can make up as much as half of the top telecom operators’ real estate footprint, require more energy per square foot than all other commercial buildings. In the last decade, these power costs have tripled.

GENBAND’s industry-leading IP-based Network Transformation solutions significantly reduce the amount of power, network equipment and space that is required.  This significantly lowers the operating expenditures to power and manage the transformed network while also enabling operators to introduce exciting IP-based services.

GENBAND uniquely brings together strategic partnerships to enable the capital-intensive transformations that can be financed through operational expenditures and paid for by power and other savings that result from a highly consolidated and modernized IP network. 


  • Unique solutions and business approaches that bring together strategic partners to enable modern and sustainable networks, delivering exciting new services
  • Best-in-class application servers, call session controllers, session border controllers, border gateways, and access and trunking gateways
  • Simultaneous support for Broadband and Enhanced Narrowband Real-Time Communications services
  • Simple, intelligent path for gracefully migrating legacy networks to Next Generation IP-based networks or IMS technology
  • Highly experienced professional services team with over 260 million voice-over-IP (VoIP) ports deployed and over 20,000 TDM to IP network transformation projects completed

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