GENBAND provides comprehensive support for all products, applications and solutions via GENBANDCare.  The crucial elements of Technical Support, Hardware Repair or Replacement options, and access to Software Releases and Software Upgrades are combined into a convenient, annual GENBANDCare support agreement.  The goals of the GENBANDCare program are “Always On” for configuration and technical support and service continuity assurance, as well as “Always Ready” with the most recent software upgrades.


  • Technical Support:  two service levels are offered – Technical Assistance Service (TAS) and Emergency Recovery/Restoration (ER).  ER is provided for the most severe problems, classified as E1 and E2. TAS is provided for less severe problems, classified as Business Critical (BC), Major and Minor.  GENBAND’s Technical support organization answers calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week (24x7) for E1, E2 and Business Critical issues.  Technical Support service is consistently rated Highest in Customer Satisfaction and is the cornerstone of our GENBANDCare services offerings.

  • Repair Services, Managed Spares:  provides for the replacement of any defective GENBAND Field Replaceable Units (FRUs).  

  • Software Changes:  ensures the delivery and timely application of software update packages as well as maintenance releases.  This service provides skilled personnel for the delivery of software updates into the customer’s network and the application of these software updates/maintenance releases on a regular schedule.