Wireless Access Gateways

Wireless Access Gateway, Wifi access gateway
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The GENBAND Wireless Access Gateway (WAG) is a single platform offering a complete solution that secures and intelligently manages mobile traffic from small cells and Carrier Wi-Fi access points to the mobile, cable or fixed operators’ packet core networks.  Available for the largest 3G and 4G LTE small cell deployments, and for both untrusted and trusted Carrier Wi-Fi networks. The GENBAND WAG enables subscribers to easily and securely access their mobile voice and multimedia services across cellular 3G or 4G LTE small cells, as well as Carrier Wi-Fi networks, and to provide seamless roaming and handovers between network types for an enhanced mobility experience. The WAG provides the following key standards based functions:

  • SeGW (Security Gateway) for 3G/4G cellular Small Cells
  • ePDG (evolved Packet Data Gateway) and TTG (Tunnel Terminating Gateway) for untrusted Carrier Wi-Fi
  • SaMOG Gateway (S2a Mobility over GTP Gateway) for trusted Carrier Wi-Fi

SaMOG GW also referred to as TWAG (Trusted Wireless Access Gateway)

Wireless Access Gateway Benefits:

  • Network-proven, WAG is the world’s most widely-deployed wireless security and mobility platform
  • Secures third party backhaul for small cell and Carrier Wi-Fi networks
  • Supports 2G, 3G, IMS models across 3GPP and 3GPP2 networks as well as 4G LTE
  • The market’s most compact yet scalable platform capable of up to 1 million IPSec tunnels
  • Carrier-class platform, with high availability and sub-second failover
  • Software platform running on COTS hardware, in the cloud or in virtualized environments
  • Access point vendor neutral – simplified interworking
  • Support for VoWi-Fi & VoLTE calling and seamless handovers between LTE & WiFi Networks, providing IP session continuity for voice & data, and full integration with IMS core
  • Next Generation Hotspot ready, including Passpoint / Hotspot 2.0


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