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GENBAND GENiUS™ is an intelligent, software-centric IP Unified Services platform supporting multipurpose IP solutions that transform and enhance global networks. With GENiUS, service providers are able to build their networks with the latest in state-of-the-art, carrier-class software and IP technology with unmatched scale and flexibility.

GENiUS leverages Advanced TCA (ATCA) hardware and GENWare middleware, a unified GENView Management System, as well as Professional Services to support accelerated applications launch, simplified operations, multiple business models and all types of subscriber access. GENiUS advanced platform technology supports virtualization, security, hitless patching, load balancing, software data path and advanced applications management.

GENBAND’s software-centric CONTiNUUM™, QUANTiX™, and EXPERiUS™ products are supported on the GENiUS platform, meaning that a single, unified system can enable a number of GENBAND solutions including: IMS, VoLTE, RCS, SIP Trunking, IPX, Peering, Intra-Network Interconnect, and GENBAND’s SMART OFFICE™, SMART HOME™, and SMART LIFE™.


  • A single platform for multiple high value applications

  • Virtualization that allows multiple solutions in a single platform or a single solution across multiple platforms

  • Accelerated time to market for revenue-generating services

  • Substantially reduced implementation and integration costs

  • High availability and geo-redundancy

  • Reduced power consumption and footprint

  • Reduced OpEx via simple, common management interfaces