Unified Communications Clients

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Today’s business interactions are rarely just a point to point voice call; an interaction can start with presence and instant messaging only to escalate to multimedia conferencing and collaboration – without a call ever being placed. EXPERiUS is ready with support for industry-standard SIP phones and clients as well as its own family of unified communications clients. GENCom clients are designed to tightly integrate with EXPERiUS services and are available on a wide variety of devices, from traditional desktop computers to the most popular mobile devices. All clients are designed to be custom branded.

GENCom Clients allow users to literally carry their office with them everywhere, for true one number service. Outbound calls from the GENCom client reflect the user’s business identity, not the user’s personal cell phone number. Users can configure clients to ring concurrently or sequentially with other endpoints; including a traditional desk phone or other GENCom clients. Calls can be placed or answered from any device and the GENBAND’s Call Grabber service makes it effortless to move live calls between devices.

Client choices include:

  • GENCom for Mobile (iOS and Android)
  • GENCom for Windows
  • GENCom for Mac
  • GENCom for Web (UC Services enabled via WebRTC)


  • Market leading UC services including: presence, instant messaging, voice & video calling, conferencing, and screen share
  • Better user experiences with EXPERiUS address book integration
  • Better user experiences with MeetMe conference integration – including participant roster
  • Cross platform access is assured via WebRTC-compliant browsers
  • Save configuration labor with GENView Provisioning and Portal integration
  • GENBAND Professional Services engagement options can simplify deployment