Tablets Clients for SMART OFFICE

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As organizations and individual employees adopt lightweight mobile computing, the need for mobile collaboration tools that can multi-task and launch sophisticated collaboration sessions increases. GENBAND is leading the industry in developing powerful Unified Communication (UC) clients that offer instant messaging, presence, multi-party voice & video as well as screen sharing from an intuitive mobile interface. These services are part of a GENBAND SMART OFFICE Solutions powered by the EXPERiUS™ Application Server.

GENCom Premium for Tablets is client software that quickly deploys on iPads and Android Tablets; purposefully designed to dissolve the line between being in the office and on the move. The clients deliver SMART OFFICE UC services no matter where they roam. GENCom Premium for Tablet clients deliver GENBAND’s SMART OFFICE UC services to foster a culture of collaboration that is mobile, social, and visual; improving intra-organization access and encouraging collaboration as they simultaneously improve employee responsiveness to customers. These tablet clients enable users to quickly assemble virtual teams, collaborate on key topics and quickly solve issues; GENCom Premium clients deliver a SMART OFFICE anywhere.

GENBAND delivers a superior user experience with its GENCom Premium for Tablets client, liberating users by enabling them to communicate and collaborate seamlessly from anywhere, in office or out. The SMART OFFICE experience simplifies office communications by providing one mobile UC platform shared across all employees and providing a unified user experience for communications, information and computing.

Samsung’s SAFE

A GENBAND SMART OFFICE solution is enhanced by the GENBAND-Samsung alliance and Samsung SAFE™(Samsung for Enterprise)-designated tablets. SAFE represents the growing family of Samsung Enterprise solutions that include the necessary security and feature enhancements suitable for business use. Highly desirable Samsung devices are safe to use at work, thanks to several features that keep company data secure.

Samsung’s SAFE devices ensure peace of mind with:

  • Advanced Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync features
  • On-device AES 256-bit encryption
  • VPN connectivity
  • Top-tier, multivendor Mobile Device Management support

By combining GENBAND’s SMART OFFICE™ solutions and NUViA cloud offering, with Samsung’s SAFE devices, working mobile has just gotten a little easier. GENBAND provides tablet users with enhanced “In Office” UC and mobile UC capabilities. Samsung SAFE tablets help ease IT concerns for security, implementation and ongoing maintenance, and dramatically improves the sales and revenue-generation process. These SAFE devices are pre-integrated, and provide the convenience and capabilities that will radically transform the business communications environment.

SAFE™ (Samsung for Enterprise) is a mark for a Samsung device tested for security with enterprise use in mind. For information about Samsung’s SAFE™ program and the security solutions tested with a SAFE device, please refer