Application Server

Communications have evolved rapidly in the past few years.  What was once primarily the use of simple voice telephony over fixed networks has quickly migrated to a vast and growing array of providers, services, networks, media types, messaging, interfaces, and fixed and mobility options, making the user experience quite complex and confusing. 

GENBAND's EXPERiUS™ application server simplifies and enriches the user experience by providing fully-featured, IP-based multimedia communications applications for both business and consumers.  EXPERiUS integrates voice, video, instant messaging, presence, mobility, conferencing and collaboration over any network and any device, including tablets and other mobile devices, IP phones, legacy desk sets, desktops, web, and TV. 

EXPERiUS is one of the world's most widely-deployed voice and multimedia UC platforms, enabling revenue growth, customer acquisition, and customer retention.  It is a key enabler of most of GENBAND's solutions including the NUViA SaaS offering, SMART OFFICE, SMART HOME, SMART LIFE, SIP Trunking, IMS, RCS, VoLTE, and Hosted UC solutions which are offered through service providers, resellers, and directly to enterprises.  


  • Integrated voice, video, IM, presence, mobility, conferencing & collaboration for business and residential service offerings

  • Consistent user experience via tablets and other mobile devices, IP phones, legacy desk sets, desktops, web, and TV

  • Multiple solutions for revenue growth -- GENBAND's NUViA, SMART Solutions, SIP Trunking, IMS, RCS, VoLTE, and Hosted UC

  • Customer-proven, fully redundant, deployed globally for the largest service providers and enterprises

  • Entirely software-based, virtualized, massively scalable

  • Complete hardware freedom via Linux Red Hat servers, GENiUS, and CONTiNUUM C20

  • Legacy fixed migration replacement of IP PBX / PBX (with tablets) and Centrex

  • Open Programmability Suite and RESTful APIs for customization and speed-to-market

  • Broad interoperability with multi-vendor Core, Edge, and Device platforms 

  • Supports existing OAMP

  • Wide support for SIP and other IP and TDM protocols