Nearly every network operator, service provider, and enterprise has some element of legacy network and services that they are contending with today.  It may be the fragile, aging generation of TDM switching equipment in fixed networks, or later generations of TDM equipment in mobile networks.  It may be similar generations of equipment in enterprises, or first generations of IMS or VoIP.  Either way, the challenges are similar – lack of innovative services to drive revenue growth and retention, customers or employees turning to more flexible and functional Over-the-Top services, high costs of maintenance, and declining skills sets and systems to manage.

GENBAND’s CONTiNUUM product line was designed specifically to resolve these challenges.  CONTiNUUM products do what their name implies – they allow operators and enterprises to migrate to IP at their own pace, as CapEx budgets and other constraints permit, in a smooth and seamless approach to network transformation.

CONTiNUUM improves the services infrastructure by enabling legacy network migration to IP technologies, providing revenue growth and improved customer retention or employee satisfaction.  Included within the CONTiNUUM product line are GENBAND’s Call Session Controllers and Gateway products.

The CONTiNUUM product line enables: 

  • Seamless migration of the service provider network to IMS

  • Cost-effective options to maintain current infrastructure, yet migrate all services to IP

  • IP services convergence over both broadband and legacy TDM endpoints

  • Carrier class solutions that have been network-hardened, with hundreds of millions of deployed ports and sessions in operator and enterprise networks

  • Green technology, with massive reductions possible in power and OpEx