Making Networks Smarter

In our latest White Paper, Making Networks Smarter, GENBAND defines its Smart Networking vision and how its implementation will enable telecommunications service providers and enterprises to overcome the many challenges of today’s highly competitive marketplace to deliver innovative IP communications solutions while meeting the expectations of end users and creating new sources of revenue from the CORE to the EDGE to the EXPERIENCE.


Significant challenges in the market are fueling our Making Networks Smarter approach. Even the most sophisticated service providers are grappling to meet the ever-increasing demands of today’s marketplace. As users’ appetites for connecting across networks, devices, social networking sites and technologies increase, the rigidness and shortcomings of communications infrastructures become further-exposed, restricting future revenue opportunities and jeopardizing operator’s most valuable asset – subscriber loyalty. Service providers and enterprises require software and technology with the intelligence to span the multiple technology and compatibility chasms at the core, edges and application layers of today’s networks. They especially need to enable services that redefine the user experience for the 21st century.