XO Communications

XO Communications

XO communications

XO Communications owns and operates one of the largest Ethernet and IP networks in the United States. It is also one of the most connected networks in North America, offering the ability to scale up to terabits of capacity; scale that helps future-proof an organization’s bandwidth and communication services. XO partnered with GENBAND, selecting the Nuvia Cloud’s Contact Center to power their recently launched XO Contact Center Services. XO selected Nuvia because it best met their flexibility, scalability, and integration requirements.


How Does Cloud Contact Center Benefit Customers?

As staffing costs rise and competition for customer spending increases, organizations need cost-effective tools to proactively manage their customer engagement process. Businesses want to improve customer service and reduce staff costs. Traditional premise-based call center software can be expensive to acquire, cumbersome to operate and often only manages phone calls, with no option to manage web inquiries, SMS and other text-based interactions. Nuvia Cloud Contact Center centralizes all of that power in the cloud, letting agents focus on customers and supervisors manage people, not systems.

Cost Savings - Nuvia lowers operating and maintenance costs:

  • No need for dedicated IT staff to manage and maintain the contact center solution.
  • No massive upgrade fees.
  • No hardware maintenance.
  • Access to the latest services to enable productivity and customer satisfaction.

Elasticity Management - Nuvia offers the elasticity that customers need for seasonal traffic fluctuations or campaign peaks; ramp-up and ramp-down agents as needed.

Why Service Providers Choose Nuvia

The Nuvia Cloud Contact Center enables service providers and enterprise resellers to quickly create a compelling contact center offer without massive investments in complex infrastructure that rapidly becomes obsolete. With Nuvia Cloud Contact Center, providers are always able to react quickly to market demands and deliver the latest tools to their customers.

Capex Avoidance - Nuvia eliminates up-front infrastructure expenditures and back-end infrastructure obsolescence of traditional hardware and software.

Immediate ROI for Nuvia Partners - Nuvia’s pay-as-you-go model and minimal upfront costs allows Nuvia Partners to invest as they grow. Eliminate the need to invest in an oversized solution today for expected growth tomorrow.

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