Q50 SBC - IP Media Server

Supporting up to 200,000 media sessions

Q50 SBC - IP Media Server

The GENBAND Q50 is a powerful 5RU (rack unit) ATCA platform performing media processing and transcoding function for GENBAND’s Distributed SBC solution acting as an IP Media Server. Leveraging the latest Intel DPDK technology for software based media processing and 10G interfaces, the Q50 platform provides industry leading scalability supporting up to 200,000 media sessions – that can be shared across multiple signaling SBC systems.

Voice Transcoder and Media Resource Function

The Q50 is part of GENBAND’s Distributed SBC solution with the signaling and media functions physically separated, allowing independent scalability of signaling and media resources, sharing and pooling of media assets, improved geo-resiliency and optimized media routing.

Q50 SBC - Advanced IP Media System

IP Media Server

The Q50 platform with advanced media software can be controlled by GENBAND’s signaling SBC software solutions, which can be flexibly deployed on a COTS appliance (Q20 or Q21), as a virtual machine, or in the NFV cloud.

The GENBAND’s next generation cloud enabled Session Border Controller software provides robust security, simplified interoperability, advanced session management, and carrier grade reliability for applications such as SIP Trunking, Unified Multimedia Communications, VoLTE, VoWi-Fi, RCS,OTT services, IP Peering, IP eXchange, and intra-network interconnects. 


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