Q21 Session Border Controller

Scales up to 70,000 SIP based voice sessions

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Q21 Session Border Controller

intel DPDK, Commercial off the shelf, session border controller
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The GENBAND Q21 is a high performance 2RU (2 rack unit) Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) platform for Integrated SBC solution running signaling and media software; as well as distributed SBC solution running the signaling only software.

Intel DPDK Technology

With 10G interfaces and leveraging the latest and greatest Intel DPDK technology, Q21 scales up to 70,000 SIP based voice sessions supporting world’s largest enterprises, call centers, and service provider network.

Commercial Off the Shelf Solution

GENBAND’s next generation cloud enabled Session Border Controller software deployed on Q21 appliance provides robust security, simplified interoperability, advanced session management, and carrier grade reliability for applications such as SIP Trunking, Unified Multimedia Communications, VoLTE, VoWi-Fi, RCS,OTT services, IP Peering, IP eXchange, and intra-network interconnects. 

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voip SBC session border controller

Q21 Advantages:

  • Powerful COTS hardware with innovative state-of-the-art software based media processing
  • Industry leading performance and scalability
  • Optimal for large enterprises, call centers or any service provider networks
  • Flexibility to run as integrated SBC or as signaling only SBC as part of distributed SBC architecture
  • Supports On-board codec transcoding
  • Separate signaling, media, and management interfaces provides independent scalability, security, ease of management
  • Built in storage to maintain large number of Session Detail Records
  • Carrier Grade NEBS compliant
  • Energy efficient hardware platform enabling double digit savings in data center energy costs
  • Extensive interoperability experience with a large number of service providers and enterprise PBXs helps launch services faster
  • Solves real world interworking challenges in real time via advanced SIP message manipulation, onboard and distributed transcoding,
  • Unmatched real time session visibility to monitor, analyze, report, and enforce network-wide quality and performance
  • Powerful adaptive call routing providing intelligent feedback and dynamic modification of rules and call routing behavior 
  • Unique Multi-tenant support with partitioning capability to segment SBC for multiple operational needs
  • Network-wide licensing across multiple instances of SBCs for significantly lower total cost of ownership


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