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Q21 Next Gen SBC

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Session Border Controllers

GENBAND's family of next generation cloud-enabled session border controllers provide robust security, simplified interoperability, advanced session management, and carrier grade reliability for fixed, mobile, cable and interconnect/wholesale service providers, as well as enterprises of all sizes. GENBAND's session border controllers provide powerful deployment flexibility that enable high levels of service quality for applications such as SIP Trunking, Unified Multimedia Communications, VoLTE, VoWi-Fi, RCS and OTT. And with industry leading scalability, GENBAND's SBC enables seamless IP interconnections for IP eXchange (IPX), IP Peering, Intra-Network, and International Interconnects for the world's largest networks.

Session Border Controller Software Architecture

GENBAND's software-centric SBC solutions provide the flexibility to be deployed as integrated or distributed SBC's on powerful COTS appliances; as cloud-native virtual network functions (VNF) in the NFV cloud; or as a hybrid combination of distributed appliances/VNF's, a unique GENBAND capability that protects current investments during the migration to NFV environments.  The decoupling of the SBC ACS (Advanced Signaling Software) and AMS (Advanced Media Software) components brings significant benefits including deployment flexibility, independent scalability of signaling and media resources, sharing and pooling of media assets, improved geo-resiliency and optimized media routing.

SBC Virtual Network Functions (VNF) Solutions

With a pioneering approach to NFV that fully embraces the objectives of the ETSI NFV working group, GENBAND's field hardened SBC software is modularized into cloud-native signaling and media VNF's to offer service providers a unique, elastically-scalable and automated SBC solution:

  • SBC ACS VNF - managing SIP signaling and controlling the media resources allocation
  • SBC AMS VNF - providing the bearer plane interworking, IP flow management, media processing and transcoding functionality

GENBAND's SBC VNF's enable enhanced resiliency schemes for geo-distributed and geo-redundant deployments. The ACS and AMS VNF's run on standard NFV infrastructure (NFVI), and the AMS VNF is independent of special purpose hardware acceleration. The lifecycles of the SBC VNFs are managed by the GENBAND VNF Manager (VFM), interfacing with network orchestrators and virtual infrastructure managers.

SBC Appliance Solutions

The GENBAND SBC software can be deployed on multiple GENBAND Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) platforms providing a range of performance, scalability, integrated or distributed deployments to suit the needs of service providers and enterprises of all sizes.

  • Q10 – a compact 1RU (rack unit) COTS platform for up to 9,600 voice sessions
  • Q20 – a workhorse 2RU COTS platform for up to 19,200 voice sessions
  • Q21 – a high performance, high density 2RU COTS platform for up to 70,000 voice sessions, for Integrated or Distributed SBC deployments
  • Q50 – a powerful voice transcoder and media-processing platform for GENBAND's Distributed SBC solution – for up to 200,000 voice sessions

SBC Management and Analytics Solutions

Element Management and Real-time Session Management is provided by the GENView Manager products. GENView Analytics is a fully virtualized, centralized solution offering enhanced interactive visualization and analytical tools for advanced service and network performance monitoring and troubleshooting.

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Webinar Replay
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Webinar Replay
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Session Border Controller Key Advantages:

  • Robust hardened security for network protection at every interconnection and demarcation point
  • Extensive interworking flexibility and interoperability experience with fixed, mobile, cable, enterprise and PBX applications of all sizes
  • Distributed signaling and media enables independent scalability, media sharing and optimization of data center resources
  • Unique deployment flexibility with COTS appliance, NFV cloud and hybrid options for optimum network topology and investment protection
  • Market-leading VNF scalability, elasticity, automation and enhanced geo-resiliency for significant operational benefits
  • Industry leading COTS server performance and scalability, small footprint and lowest energy consumption for double digit data center cost savings
  • Unmatched real time session visibility to monitor, analyze, report, and enforce network-wide policies, quality, performance and adaptive call routing
  • Flexible Network-Wide Licensing for significantly lower total cost of ownership


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