G2 Compact Gateway

Custom-designed to enable the replacement of TDM switches

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G2 Media Gateway

G2 Compact Gateway

Operators with legacy networks are increasingly looking to replace their aging TDM switches, given the potential for failure, loss of operational knowledge base, high maintenance costs, and parts shortages.  The G2 Compact Gateway, part of GENBAND’s innovative Media Gateway portfolio, is custom-designed to enable the replacement of TDM switches, allowing customers served by legacy lines to easily link to the revenue-generating SIP services cloud and mobility.

The G2 connects directly to control interfaces including GENBAND’s C20 Call Session Controller or other IMS or server-based call control.  It provides the intelligent interworking of signaling and media to access trunks such as PRI and T1/E1, Interoffice Trunks, SIP and H.248 Trunks, and Digital Loop Carrier / Access Nodes. In conjunction with the G2 and other media gateways and call session controllers, a TDM switch can be shut down and scrapped, garnering significant operational, energy, floor space, and other savings, while enabling new SIP services that mitigate customer loss and provide new revenue growth.

The G2 is an environmentally-hardened, small form factor (2U), stackable chassis that can be deployed in the data center, Central Office, or outside plant.  Along with the G6 that shares the same software code base, millions of ports are deployed in ILEC, PTT, RLEC, CLEC/AO and MSO networks worldwide.  The G2 is also a carrier grade, fully redundant platform with on-board ESA capabilities.

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G2 Compact Gateway Benefits:

  • Environmentally-hardened, small form factor (2U) for the data center, Central Office, or outside plant
  • Links customers served by legacy lines to the revenue-generating SIP services cloud and mobility
  • Leverages existing copper lines and trunks without requiring full access plant replacement
  • Enables cost-effective replacement of TDM switches and services
  • Carrier grade, network-proven with millions of deployed ports
  • Offers comprehensive Emergency Stand Alone (ESA) capabilities
  • Proven interoperability with the world's leading access and core voice platforms


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