Advanced Media Software

Advanced Media Software

Voice (audio) and video media are a key component of any CSP real time communications and collaboration service offering for consumers and businesses. As such, the processing of media packet streams is critical to address in network virtualization. In today’s networks, media is largely processed using custom proprietary hardware or appliances such as IP media gateways and servers containing hardware digital signal processing resources utilized for the transcoding of media packets between different voice and video codecs. These IP gateways or media servers also address media protocol interworking and processing such as transrating, reframing and transizing. Given the sensitivity of media to latency, delay and jitter, these media appliances have been fine-tuned over the years to attain optimal performance in the existing physical networks and provide media processing at high scale with vertical scaling.

Advanced Media Software VNF

GENBAND provides unique solutions for enabling elastic software based media processing in the telco cloud with an Advanced Media Software (AMS) Virtual Network Function (VNF) controlled by GENBAND controller VNFs such as the SBC Advanced Control Software (ACS) or the C3 controller. The AMS runs on standard NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) in the most efficient manner and as a common resource pool using media virtual network functions that scale media transcoding elastically and horizontally under Management and Network Orchestration (MANO) control via the GENBAND VNF Manager while maintaining the high performance needed for media packet processing.  The AMS supports an extensive set of audio and video codecs and transcoding between different codecs including the Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) codec for VoLTE and IPX networks.

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