Element Management System

Best-in-class, unified operation, administration, maintenance and provisioning system

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Element Management System

The GENView™ Management System is a best-in-class, unified operation, administration, maintenance and provisioning (OAM&P) system that provides Operations support and readiness, Fulfillment, Assurance, and Billing (OFAB) functionality for GENBAND’s Call Controllers, Media Gateways, Session Border Controllers and Application Servers and third-party systems. GENView maximizes savings and increases network simplicity for operators.  Utilizing high availability, highly scalable client/server environments, GENView provides the ease-of-use and scale required for the largest of network deployments.  It is a simple, scalable, reliable and highly available OAM&P solution, and is ideal for all types of network architectures and deployments utilizing GENBAND Solutions.

GENView provides one system for OAM/EMS Applications, one Graphical User Interface to host GENBAND OAM applications with a common look and feel, a common desktop, best-in-class fault rollup and single sign-on capabilities.  It includes one User Experience for the management of GENBAND network elements and one Northbound interface for direct network element or solution management of GENBAND products.

GENView has multiple components.  GENView Manager manages faults, performance, security and system configuration. GENView Billing and Mediation collects and processes billing and voice quality information. GENView Provisioning and Portals provides self-administration tools for operators, large enterprises, small and medium business and end-users, to activate and manage new lines, SIP trunks, and endpoint services. GENView Assurance has quality assurance and metrics tools to keep networks running smoothly and track and dispatch resources for issue resolution.

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Element Management Systems

Element Management System Benefits:

  • Simplicity – a unified system for GENBAND products with one common northbound interface to the OSS.
  • Reduced costs – reduces OpEx via GENView Provisioning and Portals, allowing end-users to self-configure and self-provision services
  • New revenue – GENView Assurance and GENView Billing have powerful analytical tools to enable billing for services that could not be previously billed or enter new markets with customized billing plans
  • Flexibility – GENView elements can be bundled or independently utilized


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GENView Provisioning & Portals (GVPP) for SMB
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GENView Provisioning & Portals (GVPP) End User Portal

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