Signal Transfer Point

Cost-effective carrier-class signaling solution

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Signal Transfer Point

Signal Transfer Point STP, ss7 signaling, global title translation, signaling gateway

Today’s networks are expanding exponentially to address the increase in traffic due to mobile services, network convergence, and new applications.  Despite the recent introduction of technologies such as Diameter signaling, service providers will need to maintain heterogeneous networks for many years. 

SS7 Signaling, Global Title Translation, Signaling Gateway Functionality and More

The Signaling Transfer Point (STP) provides a cost-effective carrier-class signaling solution that enables service providers to grow their networks and rollout new value-added services. STP’s support any-to-any signaling connectivity between SS7 and IP SIGTRAN interfaces for maximum network integration flexibility. The STP offers all the standard features and functionality expected of an STP solution, including Gateway Screening and Global Title Translation, while also offering extended capabilities and features such as Signaling Gateway and Point Code Emulation. 

Signaling Transfer Point Reliability

With five-nines (99.999%) reliability, these systems include redundant CPUs, switches, and shelf controllers, as well as dedicated processors with onboard storage for system management and OA&M features.


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Diameter and Signaling Controller

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Diameter and Signaling Controller Use Cases

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Diameter Signaling Contoller

STP signal transfer

STP Signal Transfer Point Benefits:

  • Cost-Effective Carrier Grade STP
  • Exceptional Flexibility – TDM and IP-Based SS7 Links
  • Support for the Latest SIGTRAN Protocols
  • Network-Proven Solutions
  • Traditional STP / MTP3 Routing
  • Signaling Gateway / M3UA
  • Point code Emulation
  • Global Title Translation
  • Gateway Screening
  • Advanced Routing
  • Number Portability


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Diameter (DSC): Accelerate the Payback of your LTE Network

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