GENBAND’s industry-leading applications software includes fully integrated multimedia functionality for voice, video, conferencing and more.

A2 Communications Application Server
 A telephony and multimedia server that provides innovative consumer, business and other applications.

A2 Consumer Applications
A telephony and multimedia server that offers consumers services like voicemail, video calling, conferencing and more.

A2 Business Applications
A telephony and multimedia server that caters to small and large businesses alike, providing applications such as video calling, conferencing and more.

A2 PBX Trunking Applications
Provides the means to interconnect existing on-premise phone systems, offering a converged voice and data service from the same provider, across multiple offices.

A2 Unified Communications
Integrates real-time and non-real-time communications, providing a single user interface for all required features.

A2 Mobile Office
Allows end-users to use their mobile devices as if they were wired to their office – with the same features as their office phone.

A2 IP Phone Sets
Provides all the functionality users require, from basic IP phones to executive handsets with advanced features such as hands-free calling, WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth headset integration.

1100 Series IP Telephone Sets
Covering the complete range of user needs, the 1100 series provides a solution for all types business, small and large.

8800 Series IP Telephone Sets
An intelligent telephone designed to designed to deliver cost-effective convenient communications with excellent sound quality and enterprise-grade features.

Powered by GENBAND’s A2 Communications Application Server, GENApps is a virtual showcase that gives you a  first-hand look at the latest applications for business and consumer deployments.

A collaborative ecosystem that opens GENBAND APIs to developers, is designed to expand third party applications powered by the GENBAND A2™ Communications Application Server.

A marketing assistance program that helps service providers successfully launch new IP-based solutions and expand existing services.

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