Session Grid

Session Grid

GENBAND’s Session Grid solutions provide an end to end communication framework that assures mobile session security, interoperability, management, and consistent user experience for all forms of real-time communications (voice, video, data) across networks, applications, and devices using diverse variety of signaling & media protocols.

GENBAND Smart Session, Core, and Experience network solution provides elements for enabling IP based VoLTE, RCS, Mobile UC, and LTE Roaming services; and enables secure interconnection with any other IP or TDM networks.

Solutions Include:

  • SBC solutions for SIP session security,  session management, and Interworking for VoLTE, RCS services and IP Interconnects
  • WebRTC gateway solution to extend VoLTE, RCS, IMS services to the web
  • Transcoding solutions to interwork with diverse carrier networks
  • 2G/ 3G Wireless Media Gateway solutions
  • VoLTE and RCS application server for consumer and business mobile UC services
  • Diameter signaling solution to enable LTE roaming, network scalability via LTE/ IMS core Diameter routing, and interworking with 2G/ 3G/ 4G networks 

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