GENBAND and Samsung Mobile Alliance

GENBAND and Samsung Mobile Alliance

Mobile UC Solutions

As another significant milestone in GENBAND’s solution strategy, Samsung Mobile and GENBAND have formed an alliance to deliver to the enterprise market a one-of-a-kind solution that combines Samsung’s SAFE (Samsung for Enterprise) designated devices and GENBAND’s SMART OFFICEUnified Communications (UC) solutions. The “SAFE – SMART – SIMPLE” mobile UC solutions create a significant evolution for the enterprise communications experience, defining the ultimate mobile office communications environment for the next decade and beyond.

GENBAND is taking the integrated solution to enterprise and SMB markets via service providers and large system integrator partners and channels. GENBAND’s market-leading software UC solutions are fully cloud-ready and powered by GENBAND's Application Server, providing service providers with flexible deployment options and business models for this unique offering. Service providers can choose to deploy and take to market the solution on their cloud infrastructure, or deploy from the GENBAND cloud via the Nuvia; Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offering.

The integrated SMART OFFICE solution offers enterprise customers a holistic, innovative and cost-effective desk phone complement or replacement solution. It turns Samsung SAFE devices into dynamic, mobile-centric enterprise communications devices that allow employees to carry their communications environment with them, whether inside or outside of the office. The new Samsung Mobile-GENBAND offering is a secure, UC-enabled tablet that moves with employees throughout their day, providing instant connectivity with colleagues and associates via voice, video and real-time collaboration applications, while also providing all of the other information and computing advantages of a wireless tablet. It is easy for employees to use and easy for the IT team or managed services provider to support.

This unique Samsung Mobile and GENBAND alliance gives service providers an innovative pathway to deliver competitively-disruptive and industry-tailored UC, tablet-based solutions to their enterprise customers. Leveraging Samsung’s mobile enterprise momentum and GENBAND’s deep installed base of global services providers and large systems integrators, the partnership is well-positioned to expand the options for mobile and multimedia-rich unified communications to new levels of functionality and security for enterprises of all sizes.

SAFE™ (Samsung for Enterprise) is a mark for a Samsung device tested for security with enterprise use in mind. For information about Samsung’s SAFE™ program and the security solutions tested with a SAFE device, please refer to

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