Residential Services for MSOs

GENBAND is a market leader in cable voice deployments.  In addition to our EXPERiUS Application Server and C20 Call Session Controller Server, cable providers across the globe still rely on our CS 2000, Safari C3 and DMS portfolios to deliver voice services. 

We know that cable providers were early adopters of VoIP, using it to disrupt traditional market economics for residential voice and garnering significant market share. However, today they face the same pressure as their telco competition with consumers cutting the cord on land line services and shopping cut-rate VoIP providers.  Consumers have a myriad of communication devices and applications, making it harder to keep the “black phone” relevant.

GENBAND offers MSOs cost-effective VoIP as well as new ways to keep customers connected to their home phone. Leveraging the EXPERiUS Application Server and SPiDR WebRTC gateway, MSOs can quickly embed voice and video calling into TV-anywhere apps for smartphones and tablets. Smart TVs can become life-sized communications hubs.  Providers can still keep costs under control with ready-made GENView Provisioning and Portals which includes flow-through provision across multiple elements of GENBAND solutions including QUANTiX session border controllers.

GENBAND understands that migrating existing NCS customers to SIP to deliver new services can be cost-prohibitive.  Our Residential Services allow providers to overlay SIP services against an existing NCS line, adding new services without deploying new MTAs.

The EXPERiUS server also supports both residential and business services (including unified communications, SMART OFFICE, and SIP Trunking), eliminating the complexities and inefficiencies of deploying, provisioning and managing separate servers for consumers and businesses.  EXPERiUS can be deployed in a traditional IP network and concurrently serve as a TAS in an IMS network; dramatically simplifying network evolution.

Cable Ready:

  • Deploy as a standalone EXPERiUS solution or with C20 Call Session Controller
  • Deploy in NGN or PacketCable network
  • Ready for migration including POTS/SIP line overlay
  • Integrated with GENBAND SPiDR for WebRTC services
  • Integrated with GENBAND Intelligent Messaging
  • Integrated with GENBAND GVPP for simple portal deployment and multi-element provisioning
  • Tested and deployed with multiple brands of MTAs