Multimedia Communications

Consumers use a variety of new communications options in their daily lives including email, voice, text and chat, messaging, and video telephony. They also employ an array of new devices such as mobile phones, tablets, TVs, and computing devices to make their multimedia communications work effectively, coupled with a wide variety of services from traditional operators, social networks, and other Over-the-Top (OTT) providers. Given this increasing complexity and scope of options and networks, operators and other communications providers are looking for ways to simplify their service offerings, operations, and maintenance while differentiating themselves from the OTTs. Similarly, Consumers are looking for ways to simplify and consolidate their services across providers.

GENBAND’s Multimedia Communications Solution, powered by EXPERiUS™, resolves the disparate, confusing, and complex array of networks, services, and diverse capabilities for both operators and Consumers. The Multimedia Communications Solution provides a common interface and functionality over desktop, web and mobile clients, allowing Consumers to leverage IP network technology to communicate and collaborate in real-time using the most appropriate voice, video or data channel. GENBAND also uniquely enables the integration of legacy voice with other IP-based communications.


  • A single user interface / client providing voice and video calling, instant messaging, presence, conferencing and collaboration, email, voicemail and text messaging

  • Unified Communications available on any device including computer, TV, mobile phone, tablets, web, desktop, and IP phones

  • Comprehensive IP voice and multimedia feature sets, including HD voice, directories, conferencing/collaboration, click-to-call/email/IM

  • Federation of OTT services to enable integration into operator offerings

  • Ability for legacy TDM endpoints to be included into the unified communications domain

  • Increased revenue per user and reduced churn via differentiated services

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