With the growth of Broadband, the Internet, and mobility, Consumers have been quick to adopt a wide range of alternative communications like instant messaging, video calling, email, and social networking.  In most cases, however, each alternative system functions separately from the others.  This creates a challenge for Consumers which is amplified by the increasing number of devices in the home such as tablets, laptops, e-books, mobile phones, and Internet-connected TVs and game players.

GENBAND’s SMART HOME™ Solution, powered by EXPERIUS™, unifies the communications experience for the Consumer, providing a sticky service for service providers that improves customer loyalty and retention.  SMART HOME consolidates and simplifies the disparate functions of various alternative communications.  It also includes a bundle of rich features with interfaces and capabilities that are consistent across different devices and networks. 


  • Family Blended Address Book – cloud-based for the entire family and integrated with social networks

  • Family Communicator – video and voice calling over various devices

  • Family Messaging – a single unified messaging platform featuring voicemail, voicemail-to-text, video mail, visual voicemail, fax messaging, and instant messaging

  • Family Calendar – consolidated calendars across family members

  • Family Home Automation – remotely-controlled home features like security, lighting, thermostats, and irrigation

  • Family Conferencing – instant, multiparty conferences with friends and extended family 

  • Family File Share – cloud-based file sharing at any time and on any device

  • Family Manager - easy management of SMART HOME features from any tablet, computer, or mobile device

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