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Fixed and mobile operators are implementing IMS to create new revenue streams, develop a converged voice and multimedia core, replace legacy voice networks, and provide new service offerings. GENBAND’s SMART CORE IMS LiTE Solution simplifies, streamlines, and reduces the cost of IMS while at the same time enabling the transformation of legacy networks.

Architected in the late 1990’s, IMS provides a feature-rich but often heavyweight and costly architecture in today's dynamic world of lightweight, virtualized, cloud-based networks. GENBAND’s IMS LiTE Solution provides operators with a simplified, software-centric IMS implementation, avoiding the complexities of IMS and the burdens of staffing, integrating, and maintaining many separate elements.  For operators with plans to eventually move all customers to IMS, all IMS LiTE components are re-used, leaving no stranded platforms.

As the world leader in transforming legacy networks, GENBAND’s IMS LiTE Solution also allows operators to seamlessly replace legacy TDM local and tandem exchanges (Class 3, 4, 5), providing substantial power, floor space, and operational savings.  In addition, IMS LiTE supports existing and regulatory services, allowing customers served by legacy access to connect to the SIP cloud.  Legacy TDM access services, mobile services, and SIP multimedia services are converged and unified, enabling new offerings and compelling bundles like GENBAND’s SMART OFFICE and SMART HOME solutions to spark revenue growth and encourage customer retention. 

Advantages of GENBAND’s IMS LiTE Solution include:

  • IMS functionality without the costs, complexity, and maintenance of IMS deployments
  • Revenue growth and retention via converged and unified mobile, legacy access, and SIP services
  • Accelerated time-to-market for advanced communications services, including RCS and VoLTE
  • Best-of-breed call session control, applications, security and border control, routing, transcoding, and media conversion
  • Network and operational savings via seamless transformation of legacy TDM local and tandem exchanges
  • Highly experienced professional services team with over 20,000 TDM to IP network transformation projects completed