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Operators are increasingly challenged to profitably manage the security, interoperability, and quality of services that traverse their networks and peer networks.  This is particularly true of networks that have different types of traffic like IP and TDM, mobile and fixed, domestic and international, and voice and multimedia.

GENBAND’s SMART SESSION™ Peering Solution is deployed in some of the world's largest networks, utilizing GENBAND's years of product innovation and state-of-the-art technology to ensure the secure and profitable exchange of voice and multimedia services across any network border and any technology. The Peering Solution provides connectivity between diverse network islands, including SIP-based IMS and NGN, LTE, TDM, legacy mobile, and Web-based OTT networks, as well as national and international variants. It enables operators to seamlessly exchange voice and multimedia traffic including VoIP, HD voice, video, IM, presence, and RCS-e, providing granular controls and layers of intelligence to proactively manage security, interoperability, and quality of interconnections. 

Secure, simple and scalable, GENBAND’s Peering Solution provides unique advantages including:

  • Modular architecture for IP-IP, IP-TDM and TDM-TDM network peering between operators, including full IPX support
  • Interworking across multiple emerging IP and legacy technologies - IP (H.323, SIP, SIP-I, SIP-T), WebRTC, Legacy Mobile IP/BICC, and TDM
  • Predictability of interconnections via robust security and seamless interoperability in multi-vendor, multi-network, multi-protocol environments
  • Support for multiple international protocols and variants, enabling replacement of aging TDM/Class 3 or 4 switches and legacy packet international gateways
  • Smart routing policies based on quality, performance, and cost of interconnects
  • Rich reporting and analytics to simplify operations, improve responsiveness, and accelerate troubleshooting
  • Federation of OTT applications to deliver a smart communication experience to end users
  • Network-wide licensing flexibility to substantially reduce total cost of ownership
GENBAND is a global leader in smart networking solutions from the CORE to the EDGE to the EXPERIENCE.
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