Intelligent Messaging

GENBAND Intelligent Messaging offers Service Providers a compelling way to drive cost out of their network, even as they deliver more compelling services.  Built on an extremely scalable, virtualized platform, Intelligent Messaging can be deployed in a central data center or in the Cloud.  Providers can acquire the solution as a platform or as a service.

Eliminate frames of proprietary hardware and megawatts of power vs legacy messaging platforms.  Intelligent Messaging concurrently supports business, residential and mobile deployments (including native iPhone and Blackberry support). Millions of Intelligent Messaging mailboxes are already deployed in legacy, NGN, PacketCableTM and IMS networks, both fixed and mobile. Powerful migration tools and programmable TUIs make migration pain-free for subscribers.

User expectations for messaging have changed but most voicemail offers are decades behind. Intelligent Messaging’s VisionMail reduces churn by reconnecting mobile users.  Integrated mobile fax services reconnect mobile professionals. Powerful automated attendant services deliver network-based call routing services and a virtual front door to businesses.  Transcription and video mail options make listening to voicemail seem passé. 


  • Eliminate proprietary legacy systems that are end-of-support and inefficient
  • Lower operational costs by consolidating multiple platforms – fixed and mobile, business and residential
  • Proven – millions of mailboxes in service
  • Improving customer satisfaction by delivering a more advanced messaging interface
  • User accessibility via telephone, web, e-mail and smartphone
  • Compelling new services including mobile VisionMail, voicemail transcription and video mail