Network Functions Virtualization

GENBAND NFV and SDN Solutions
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Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networks (SDN) promise to provide network operators with dramatic reductions in operational and capital expenditures, as well as enabling them to significantly decrease time to market for new and compelling real-time communications services. GENBAND’s NFV solutions across its Virtual Network Functions (VNF) portfolio fully support the key elasticity, scalability and orchestration tenets for cloud and virtualized environments as specified by ETSI, enabling service providers to effectively evolve their networks to gain service velocity and attain superior business outcomes.

GENBAND NFV Solutions span the product and solution portfolio for real-time communications with multiple, high-performance Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and an intelligent orchestration framework for the VNFs providing seamless interworking into broader cloud infrastructures and partner ecosystems chosen by the network operator.

Virtual Network Function (VNF) Manager and Orchestration Framework

GENBAND’s VNF Manager provides an intelligent framework for GENBAND VNFs enabling true orchestration, elasticity and scalability of the VNFs and seamless interworking via APIs into broader NFV and cloud infrastructure ecosystems of the communication service provider’s choice. GENBAND is already working closely with a number of key ecosystem partners (Intel, WindRiver, HP, F5 Networks etc) to bring high performance and integrated end to end NFV solutions to market for the communications service provider.

Virtual Network Functions

GENBAND’s VNFs consist of high-performance and elastic distributed or co-located signaling, control and media communications solutions including:

Session Border Controllers

GENBAND’s QUANTiX family of SBCs are market-leading, intelligent Session Border Controllers that enable a intelligent sessions for fixed, mobile, cable, and Over-the-Top operators and enterprises. Deployed globally in some of the world’s largest networks, GENBAND’s SBCs provide industry-leading scale, security, session management, policy control, and deployment flexibility to enable seamless SIP Trunking, IP eXchange (IPX), Peering, Intra-Network Interconnect, Unified Multimedia Communications, VoLTE, and RCS solutions in networks. GENBAND’s high-performance Distributed SBC VNF provides independent scalability and high performance for signaling and media.

Session Control and Routing

Call session controllers are the critical elements that enable voice and multimedia calls and sessions to traverse networks, enabling a seamless user experience. GENBAND’s CONTiNUUM family of session controllers enable key session control and routing applications in IMS and non-IMS networks. The GENBAND C3 Call Session Controller VNF provides high scale session routing, Media Gateway Control Function (MGCF) and Media Function Resource Controller (MRFC) capabilities.

Real-Time Communications Applications, Applications Server and WebRTC

Service providers and enterprises understand that when it comes to their end users, "Experience Matters." Experience is the key to usefulness and value of any communications system. GENBAND EXPERiUS has years of state-of-the-art investment in services innovation and is custom-designed to enhance the user experience. One of the world's most widely-deployed, carrier-grade voice and Unified Multimedia Communications solutions, GENBAND EXPERiUS VNF has three primary components:

EXPERiUS Application Server that integrates voice, video, instant messaging, presence, mobility, conferencing and collaboration over any network and any device, including tablets and other mobile devices, IP phones, legacy desk sets, desktops, web, and TV. 

EXPERiUS Intelligent Messaging, a unified multimedia messaging platform that includes voicemail, voicemail-to-text, video mail, visual voicemail, unified messaging, fax messaging, and automated attendant services.

SPiDR WebRTC Gateway provides a bridge between traditional VoIP networks and the open ecosystem of web applications.

GENBAND Differentiation

GENBAND’s differentiates its NFV portfolio in four principal areas:

  • Breadth of solution:  A substantial portion of GENBAND’s portfolio already supports NFV capabilities, with the remainder on the same migration path
  • Hybrid support: GENBAND supports a gradual migration to NFV, simultaneously offering support for appliance-housed functions, as well as virtualized functions
  • Flexible  licensing: GENBAND currently supports a network-wide licensing policy that enables service providers and enterprises to efficiently balance resources with customer demand
  • Depth of solution: GENBAND’s NFV solution fully supports the elasticity and orchestration requirements for cloud and virtualized environments, which will enable service providers to effectively evolve their networks