As service providers migrate fixed and mobile networks toward IMS, they need long-term solutions that open new revenue streams, that address network challenges, and that take full advantage of emerging technologies. The GENBAND IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) solution allows telecom service providers to deliver service convergence across both mobile and fixed line networks while driving revenue, cost savings and innovation.

That’s the GENBAND difference.

With a decade of experience building SIP-based and best-in-breed” solutions, GENBAND now offers a rich suite of IMS products for access interworking, border control, and applications.

GENBAND IMS solutions are designed to streamline the migration of existing networks to IMS, to optimize capital and operational expenses, and to support the delivery of popular and profitable voice, video and multimedia services. .


GENBAND’s unique access interworking solution, based on the market-leading GENBAND C20 Converged Softswitch, allows consumer and business subscribers with analog and IP phones to seamlessly access services from the IMS core.

Leveraging the Access Gateway Control Function (AGCF) on the C20, this robust interworking solution enables existing analog and IP endpoints to be smoothly migrated to obtain advanced and profitable services from the IMS. Service providers can manage this migration easily, on their own timeline, and without touching the individual line.

When combined with GENBAND’s G6 Universal Gateway, the GENBAND access interworking solution with the C20 AGCF also enables the re-use of legacy peripherals and remotes. Service providers can deploy this solution to seamlessly interwork analog TDM line access, and to obtain advanced voice services from the IMS core and from IMS applications servers such as the GENBAND A2 Communications Application Server.

The C20 AGCF access interworking solution also comes with an optional Media Gateway Control Function (MGCF) on the same platform to support the seamless interconnection of IMS network traffic to the PSTN network. This powerful interworking solution also supports flexible regulatory service compliance and deployment.


  • Supports the seamless interworking of analog and IP lines to IMS
  • Enables enhanced IMS services for TDM analog lines
  • Enables a smooth migration of pre-IMS subscribers to IMS
  • Allows the re-use of existing access deployments with TDM analog lines
  • Enables the co-existence of TDM analog lines, IP lines and IMS endpoints
  • Combines AGCF, MGCF and softswitch capabilities on the same platform for optimal deployment and migration schedules
  • Eases regulatory compliance
  • Supports the delivery of enhanced IMS applications and overlay services to an existing customer base

GENBAND’s comprehensive border control solution provides enhanced and highly-scalable security, session, and policy enforcement for IMS voice and multimedia services at both access and interconnect points in converged fixed and mobile IMS/VoLTE networks.

The GENBAND S3 session border controller provides key standards-based IMS functions for access and carrier interconnect deployments, including: P-CSCF (with IMS-ALG), BGCF, E-CSCF, Access SBC, BGCF, I-BCF/IWF and MRFC with complete flexibility to deploy either fully integrated or fully decoupled media plane for TrGW and MRFP functions. Multiple GENBAND S3’s can share a common GENBAND G9 converged media gateway in a decoupled architecture to maximize the utilization of media resources, a capability unique to the market.

The GENBAND S3 enables evolution to next generation converged, fixed, and mobile architectures – including 3GPP™, IMS, VoLTE, i3Forum/GSMA IPX, ETSI-TISPAN, and PacketCable™; as well as complete interworking between non-IMS and IMS networks. Service providers can deploy this robust border controller to quickly and flexibly launch advanced new service offerings – and to accelerate both revenues and cost savings. The GENBAND S3 SBC also enables carriers to provide advanced multimedia services such as voice, video, IM, and RCS/RCS-e.


  • CapEx and OpEx Reductions: by integrating multiple, closely-related functions – such as access and interconnect SBC, P-CSCF, E-CSCF, BGCF, I-BCF, MRFC – on a single platform
  • Improved network and transport efficiencies, with advanced intelligent session routing including dynamic route hunting, adaptive routing, and least cost routing
  • Simplified border management and rapid installation, network turn-up, and interoperability by seamlessly interworking disparate IP traffic and protocols
  • Advanced media interworking via choice of integrated or decoupled media and user-plane border control solutions with independent scalability of signaling and media elements
  • Seamless interworking between non-IMS and IMS networks, and a smooth migration path from NGN to IMS networks
  • Enhanced revenue assurance with the S3 GENView Real-time Session Manager (RSM) for dynamic policy and SLA management, route analysis, billing, and session detail analytics
  • Advanced security, interworking and routing for RCS/RCSe and VoLTE services.
  • Support of i3Forum and GSMA IPX functions standards , enabling IPX providers move to IMS architecture and to economically interconnect IMS and non-IMS networks
  • Highly reliable, field-proven, software-centric platform, supports the separation of signaling and media planes, and operates on commercial, standards-based hardware

IP-Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is a standard architecture for delivering multimedia and IP-based services based upon 3GPP standards, allowing for the rapid introduction of new broadband-based services. GENBAND Applications offer service providers a smooth transition pathway to IMS, LTE or RCS. Forward-looking service providers can leverage GENBAND Applications to gain superior revenue generating and revenue retention capabilities in both current and future networks.

GENBAND Applications operate independently of network access type, and are standards-based to ensure smooth interoperability with other IMS standards-based network elements.


  • Standards-based applications and platforms ensure interoperability in open multi-vendor networks
  • Applications are future proof: As IMS standards evolve GENBAND ensures interoperability and future compliance
  • GENBAND offers proven IMS applications deployed in today’s 3GPP compliant networks
  • Separating the control layer from applications allows service providers to more rapidly bring new services and innovations to the market
  • GENBAND Applications provide for a consistent user experience across a wide range of access types
  • The GENFuzion Developer Community provides access to a vibrant and growing IMS development environment