Service providers and enterprises are increasingly utilizing cloud-based multimedia communications to take advantage of cloud technology, cloud economics and pay-as-you-go, "Software as a Service" business models, including lower costs, significantly improved time-to-market, extended reach and reduced business risks.  Distributed from the GENBAND Cloud as a Service, NUViA provides service providers and enterprises with flexible, best-in-class, cloud-based options.  NUViA allows service providers and enterprise IT groups to focus on value to the core business, customers, path-to-market, and reduces the risks and costs associated with managing on-site equipment and the corresponding life-cycle management.  NUViA Cloud Service offerings include the following.

UC Cloud Services
NUViA UC Cloud Services is a comprehensive, white-label Unified Communications (UC) offering.  Powered by EXPERiUS™, service providers and channel partners can take advantage of unmatched UC capabilities and advantages, including:

  • A suite of market-proven unified multimedia conferencing and collaboration, unified messaging, mobility, high definition voice over IP, and desktop integration solutions
  • HD VoIP, desktop, and mobile end-point integration, including smartphones and tablets
  • Extensive service enablement capabilities for partners ranging from network operations and maintenance, customer provisioning, and service support to enterprise SBCs and other CPE as required
  • Interoperability and support for many different IP endpoints and CPE
  • Basic to premium services bundles
  • Mobility Overlay and Business Continuity solutions

Hosted Converged Intelligent Messaging Services
NUViA Messaging Services is a Next-Generation Advanced Voice Messaging offering, enabling Service Providers and Channel Partners to offer a seamless and transparent migration to Next Generation Messaging through the cloud.  Key features and advantages include:

  • Next Generation Messaging functionality including visual voicemail, transcription, return call with rebound, enterprise groups, personal and system distribution lists, multiple greetings, zero-out option, robust notifications (MWI, SMS, MMS, email, pager, IM), TUI with web, speech, mobile client access and specialty mailboxes.
  • Legacy Voicemail Emulation to allow a smooth transition to next generation messaging by simplifying migration and allowing end users to adopt new capabilities at their own pace. 
  • Rapidly deployable, highly scalable solution able serve communities from a few tens to over 1 million end users.
  • Proven track record including over 10 years of successful OTT operations and cloud based deployments with multiple Tier 1 Service Providers

All NUViA Cloud services can be branded by service providers and partners and taken to market as differentiated service offerings for the enterprise, small and medium business, and consumer market segments.  Multi-tenancy support to allows and service providers and channel partners to optimally offer the services to multiple enterprises or retail providers. 

Behind the NUViA Cloud is a fully secure and redundant infrastructure and GENBAND’s world class Professional Services team, providing complete Infrastructure and hardware management for all NUViA Services, including 7x24 event monitoring and response, capacity monitoring and planning, and customer notification of maintenance activities and service issues, and helping operators and their customers migrate seamlessly to the cloud or from the cloud to an in-network deployment.