Diameter Signaling Controller

Diameter Signaling Controller

Subscriber demand for bandwidth-hungry apps has accelerated the use of mobile services and data on mobile network. Diameter signaling—which acts as the central nervous system of IMS and LTE networks in controlling voice and data sessions and supporting traffic policies—is exploding in volume and complexity. GENBAND's DSC (Diameter Signaling Controller) assists service providers in addressing the explosion of Diameter signaling volume within the IMS and LTE core; and ensuring security, routing, and interworking for Diameter message exchanges within and across IMS and LTE networks for roaming purposes.

IMS and LTE Diameter Functionality

GENBAND's DSC centralizes signaling and LTE Diameter routing, traffic management, and load balancing tasks to scale and grow IMS and LTE networks incrementally and cost effectively, while increasing resiliency and reliability to support subscribers' ever increasing service and broadband demands. It supports multiple standards based functions and applications in IMS and LTE networks — all on a single unified platform with centralized management.

Diameter Routing Agent, Diameter Edge Agent and More

  • Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) for scalable centralized routing of Diameter messages in a multivendor multi-node environment within a service provider’s IMS and LTE core
  • Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) for secure exchange of authentication, authorization, and subscriber policy across LTE networks for roaming
  • Diameter Interworking Function (IWF) to ensure interoperability between different vendor implementations of Diameter and translate legacy signaling protocols to Diameter and vice versa, to solve interworking and connectivity challenges with legacy networks
  • Diameter Load Balancer to mitigate any congestion and handle scalability of Diameter server nodes such as PCRF, HSS, OSS

In addition to providing the standalone functions in LTE network, GENBAND's Diameter Signaling Controller is integrated with GENBAND’s leading SBC (Session Border Controller), providing mobile service providers and IPX carriers an integrated SIP and Diameter solutions to enable secure, seamless, and scalable global VoLTE and data LTE roaming. The combined solution, delivered on a common hardware platform, provides context-aware intelligent routing, scalable handling of SIP and Diameter traffic, and secure, seamless connectivity to an IMS/LTE network resulting in a simple, cost-effective deployment of rich LTE voice and data services.

Diameter Signaling Controller Advantages:

  • Multi-function integrated solution— supports multiple functions (DRA, DEA, IWF, Load balancer) with broadest range of Diameter and legacy interfaces for seamless connectivity and preservation of existing investments with a flexible interworking function.
  • Integrated SIP Session Border Controller and Diameter Edge Agent for secure and scalable voice and data LTE roaming
  • Simplified network complexity with advanced routing— high scalability and supports growth with advanced load balancing and routing with flexibility to implement a range of routing rules and policies
  • Rich Protocol Interworking: broadest range of Diameter and legacy interfaces for seamless connectivity and preservation of existing investments with a flexible interworking function.
  • Simplified and Consolidated Management— consolidates gateway, load balancer, and router functionality with centralized element management system
  • Rich Reporting and Analytics – provides traffic insight by extracting control plane information for statistical analysis and in-depth traffic inspection