GENView Billing

GENview billing, GENBAND

GENView Billing enables operators to enhance, simplify and modernize billing of GENBAND and third-party network services. Providing advanced storage, forwarding, correlation, aggregation transformation and analytic capabilities, GENView Billing helps service providers reduce their operational expenses and identify new sources of revenue.  GENView Billing handles session-based as well as event-based billing records, correlates records from multiple sources, and delivers them in a record format that best suits the operator’s BSS system.

Providing true service provider operational intelligence, GENView Billing manages records to optimize performance and analysis of the network.  It includes end-to-end data reconciliation capabilities to reduce operational costs and identify unexploited profit.


  • Competitive Advantage -- includes a rules-based mediation configuration that, without programming, allows a faster launch of new services

  • Speed-to-Market -- includes pre-bill adaptors and a modular design to ensure quick configuration and faster time-to-market

  • Cost and Profit Optimization -- provides true service provider operational intelligence

  • Simplified Management -- a single system that seamlessly manages the billing data from different nodes, managed by an intuitive, web-based user interface

  • Standards Compliant – standards-based and compliant with IPDR, 3GPP, and PacketCable