Clients & Devices

The rise of the Internet, broadband, and social networks has dramatically expanded the options for Voice over IP (VoIP) services and multimedia devices, with new smart phones, tablets, smart TVs, IADs, MSANs, MTAs and other IP-enabled equipment emerging daily.  The services provided on these devices and clients may range from simple hosted VoIP functionality to powerful SMART OFFICE Unified Communications (UC) services.

GENBAND EXPERiUS delivers standards-based call control including SIP and H.248/NCS, making it easy for residential and business Service Providers, as well as enterprises, to deploy a wide variety of industry standard devices. EXPERiUS’ interoperability is proven with millions of lines deployed world-wide with a vast variety of endpoints.  A rich set of APIs make it easy to integrate EXPERiUS with key business processes.

GENCom Clients

EXPERiUS offers support for industry-standard SIP clients as well as GENBAND’s own GENCom clients. These clients deliver GENBAND’s Unified Communication (UC) services, SMART OFFICE.  GENCom clients are available on a wide variety of devices, from traditional desktop computers to the most popular mobile devices. Easily move live calls from device to device.

Client choices include:
• GENCom Premium for Tablets
• GENCom Premium for Web
• GENCom for Mobile
• GENCom for Windows
• GENCom for MAC

SIP Business Phones

EXPERiUS has millions of SIP lines deployed and is interoperable with a wide variety of SIP-based business phones.  GENBAND tests with a number of the business phone vendors, including the popular Polycom VVX and SoundPoint devices. Many vendors leverage GENBAND’s interoperability programs to test and certify their devices with EXPERiUS.

UNIStim Business Phones

EXPERiUS is uniquely positioned to support legacy Nortel business phones that require legacy UNIStim protocol. As part of the Nortel dissolution, GENBAND acquired elements and intellectual property to fully support these devices.

WebRTC Clients

Working in concert with GENBAND’s SPiDR WebRTC gateway, EXPERiUS users can interact with a web page to initiate or receive voice or video calls.  Choose to integrate communications into an existing web page or deliver a rich UC experience with theGENCom Premium Tablet client and just a web-browser. Next generation WebRTC technology is supported to eliminate the need to deploy communication software on the endpoint device. This deployment model dramatically simplifies enterprise BYOD initiatives and could revolutionize integration with smart TVs, set top boxes or nearly any compute device that supports a browser.