Wireline market dynamics have shifted substantially in the last decade.  Though fixed voice service is still critical for the high margin enterprise and SMB customers, they are shifting to fixed IP communications on their premises as well as demanding integration with mobile devices.  Consumers, dissatisfied with the lack of innovation in fixed voice, are also increasingly using mobile only or a mix of mobile, VoIP, and alternative communications modes such as texting. 

At the same time, wireline network dynamics are changing.  Wireline operators are challenged with the burden of wireline voice declines, 30-year-old switches that run their legacy networks, and the loss of people and skill sets to operate these aging monoliths.  Meanwhile, operators are focusing on building expensive and broadband businesses, but much of the potential profit in broadband video services has been usurped by Over the Top (OTT) players who are taking an increasing share.

To meet these challenges, wireline operators require innovative services that create true services differentiation, services integration, and practical alternatives for migrating customers to IP.  As a market leader in VoIP and IMS innovation, GENBAND has a rich portfolio of solutions used by wireline operators worldwide.   Our GENBAND SMART CORE solutions are at the heart of many networks that have been gracefully migrated to IP.  Many legacy switches across the globe have been replaced by SMART CORE solutions, with the help of our expert Professional Services teams, reducing network costs and providing new services and features for end users.

GENBAND SMART SESSION solutions, including SIP Trunking, IPX, and Peering, are deployed globally by top tier operators and are used by many Alternative Operators and competitive providers to attract and retain customers.  We are also a leading innovator in user experience with our SMART EXPERIENCE solutions.  This broad array of intelligent capabilities includes GENBAND SMART OFFICE, SMART HOME, and SMART LIFE solutions that go far beyond the typical unified communications or hosted VoIP offerings to include fixed and mobile integration, OTT federation, video and fixed telephony convergence, and multimedia messaging and web collaboration.  Our continued investment in services innovation ensures that wireline operators have a focused source for market differentiation to help them compete and drive traffic onto their networks.