Customer Case Studies

A major service provider that delivers innovative products and services to customers across Canada, offering a broad range of solutions including: high-speed internet, wireless, digital and IP TV, and VoIP services undertook an extensive business assessment looking for ways to both secure and increase revenue from TV services. They realized that the most successful offer was one that would appeal to their installed base, inherently leveraging and protecting their incumbency. They ultimately chose GENBAND to enhance the value of their IPTV service offerings with Call Notification and Disposition services.
Conneaut Telephone knew that the traditional access and FCC revenues would soon decline, triggering the need for a new business model. Their TDM switch failed to integrate with their fiber optic build out strategy and limited their ability to offer triple play solutions to their customers. In addition, seeking new customers through advanced applications was not feasible on their current platform.
To fortify their data centers and overcome security and interoperability challenges, protocol mismatches, and other network border issues as well as to ensure seamless communications experiences, and SLA assurance, Aspire Technology Solutions needed carrier-grade, intelligent SBCs and advanced network analytical tools. In addition, Aspire Technology wanted to enhance their leading IP communications offering for Enterprise and Government customers.
GENBAND's QUANTiX SBC enables a global money transfer in hundreds of countries and thousands of locations with secure, reliable, carrier class advanced SIP Trunking.
This partnership was challenged to find a SIP solution capable of providing a common telecom infrastructure for fixed line, with sufficient scalability, to be shared by all the regular service providers. This solution needed to interconnect subscribers within the port area to their appropriate service providers.After an extensive evaluation process, the consortium chose one of GENBAND’s business channel partners and our Application Server solution to provide the common Telecom infrastructure for the Port’s area with a high availability configuration.
Discover how GENBAND was able to increase productivity, and enhance security for almost 3,000 employees and partners working at multiple sites in 40 countries with voice, data and multimedia solutions, while keeping costs down and ensuring continuous availability of the communications network to support an increasing range of services.
The customer wish to add a competitive Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution within their overall Enterprise Cloud offering for their SME customer base to provide their business customers all the benefits of an IP infrastructure for voice, video, and data...
TW Telecomwanted to offer a differentiated and competitive SIP Trunking service that targets the medium to large enterprise market (enterprises with over 5000 desks). To be successful, TW Telecom needed to extend its service to the customer premises at a lower cost to maximize margin. TW Telecom's main challenge was the significant cost and time to turn up new customers on distributed campuses supported by a variety of PBXs from different vendors.
Empire Access is one of the Eastern United States leading telecommunications companies, expanding after a rich heritage of providing communication services to customers for over 100 years. After substantial investments in building out a fiber network, and IP solutions over the past few years, coupled with expansion into more and more markets, the Empire Access portfolio of companies needed not only the latest network technologies but also the management tools and training necessary to simplify and streamline business operations while also delivering an excellent customer experience. Empire Access chose GENBAND’s C15™ Call Controller solution for its VoIP services for its proven quality, reliability and scale.
Learn why VoIP Logic chose GENBAND's Session Border Controller (SBC) for it's Managed SBC Service offering to 175 small, medium and wholesale Service Provider Partners (SPP) in 39 countries on 6 continents over the past decade (and counting).
Migrating eleven existent legacy switches to a single Geo-Redundant C20 IP switching platform along with G6 Media Gateways for massive network, power and space consolidation.